Imperial Navy Patrol

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Imperial Navy Patrol

Post by The Galactic Empire on 12th January 2015, 12:42 am

An Imperial Navy patrol group drifts through space, launching probes to the sector's many star systems looking for possible threats. The patrol group consists of the following starships:

-x1 Executor III Class Super Star Destroyer
-x4 Revenge II Class Heavy Carriers
-x8 Imperial IV Class Star Destroyers
-x16 Victory III Class Star Destroyers
-x32 Acclamator II Class Assault Craft
-x64 Tartan X Class Patrol Craft

Unit: "Hydra Storm"--102nd Heavy Squadron--VKN Expeditionary Fleet--Gamma Quadrant Command
Commanding Officer: Imperial Warlord Nevran
Command Ship: RHC Galactica (Heavy Carrier)
Mission: Patrol Low Security Space and Enforce Imperial Law
Rules of Engagement: All warships of the following designs will be destroyed: Streonian, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Borg, Species 8472 (Undine), Sphere Builder, Xindi, and Kazon.  All other vessels may travel unhindered unless in violation of Imperial Law, or are seen as posing a threat to Imperial interests.
Mission Duration: Ongoing

"Sensors report." Warlord Nevran asked from his command chair.

"Nothing of interest on scanners, Sir. All we've found thus far are cargo vessels and the occasional transport." An Ensign replied from the port side crew pit of the bridge.

Warlord Nevran stood up and walked towards the fore section's view port. It was a large and very spacious view, from here he could see how truly immense his starships were. Thankfully the view port was made of Transparasteel, a type of armor that you could see through and darken at will. It was a remarkable piece of technology that they all took for granted.

"Sir, may I speak with you?" Admiral Jaxx asked from his side.

"Of course Admiral, what is it?" Nevran replied, still gazing out the view port.

"The Star Destroyer Dauntless is reporting a malfunction in their targeting systems. Their Tech Officer believes the targeting computer's primary core has been damaged from a power overload. The repair is expected to take no less than four hours." Jaxx reports.

"Just get it fixed, tell them they have 2 hours. Any longer after that and I start stripping rank. In the meantime put a fighter screen around the Dauntless, if any threats should come up the TIE Fighters can compensate for their lack of a targeting system." Nevran ordered.

"Yes, Sir." Admiral Jaxx turned and left.

The Protector served as Warlord Nevran's command ship, as well as officially being the largest starship in the galaxy. It was the first of a new class of Super Star Dreadnoughts the Empire had designed recently, it was the first ship designed from the ground up using every advanced technology found throughout the galaxy. With Borg armor and shields, Imperial Hyperdrive, Terran/Imperial Turbophasers, Vulcan communications and sensors equipment, and advanced computer systems designed by using schematics from a posatronic android brain constructed by a Terran scientist. The Protector is more advanced than her predecessor Executor II Class Super Star Destroyer the Emancipator which serves as the Emperor's personal command ship.
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