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Post by The Galactic Empire on 25th January 2015, 10:16 am

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Galactic Empire with its ridiculously massive starships. I just wanted to inform you of some changes to the forum I made to spice things up a little bit. I've added a rank system, I will base this off of your "Merits." Merits are calculated by the forum (not me) according to how much you have posted in what areas, how many topics you have started, how many friends you have on the forum, number of days as a member... and a few other things. This not only adds some cool Imperial Navy rank insignia to your profile but it also shows you how many merits you have. There is something else I've added.. "REPUTATION!!!!!" Every time someone posts a reply to a topic, there will now be a plus and minus sign to the right of each topic reply. You can either "UP-VOTE" or "DOWN-VOTE" a reply, reputation doesn't affect anything.. except for how everyone else on the forum sees you.. are you a good nation or a bad nation? Do you treat your allies like dear friends or as resources to be exploited? Only your reputation will tell.

LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECCTLY CLEAR, abuse of the Reputation system will be punished with a 3 DAY BAN as well as a demotion and loss of merit points... can I REALLY do this? Test me and find out.. I can assure you I have complete control over the forum.. if you knew how much I could control you'd shit yourself. SO DON'T TEST MY RESOLVE!! Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted as I release new features for the forum.. I'll try my best to keep things interesting!!

-Kyle Wilson
-Da Boss a.k.a. The Galactic Empire

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -FDR
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