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Post by Japanese Confederation on 24th February 2015, 6:07 pm

I thought I should clarify what you can and cannot post on this part of forum.
This part of the forum is meant for posting the news in your nation. This should mostly consist of news that could affect the RP on all parts of the forum (Ex. Death of the leader, new election, war, etc.) but can consist of more minor things. If it is news in your country, and yo feel like it should be shared, then go ahead. Once again, try to keep it to RP affecting news, but any news is allowed.
Try to format it in the way news would! Don't just say "President died. The end," because that's not fun. Have fun with it! For example (this example did not actually happen, that's all it is. An example. Mine may not be the best, but it gives you an idea.):

Leader of the Japanese Confederaion Dies!
Future of the Japanese Confederation is now unclear.
Yesterday afternoon during a speech about public safety, President Shiba Hiroyuki was shot and killed in front of thousands. The shooter fired from a rooftop, and the bullet struck President Shiba in the chest. Doctors say President Shiba died a slow, painful death as the public panicked.
"It would really be quite painful. The bullet entered Shiba's body and struck his ribs, and then ricocheted off of them into his lungs, where the bullet remained." One of the doctors said.
As President Shiba left no heir to take his place, elections will be held to see who will run the nation. The candidates being the Head of Military Operations, Inaho Kaizuka, and the Head of Foeign Relatons, Kirigaya Kazuto.
"It is extremley sad that someone killed our nation's leader. When he was at such a young age, nonetheless." Inaho said about the incident. President Shiba was just 18 years old.
The country will be mourning the loss of a national leader, and preparations for a state funeral will begin tonight. The elections will be held in several weeks, as ep almost everything shuts down in memorial of the President. The nation will remember his saying, and hold it their heart.
"Those That died for us are the true leaders." - President Shiba Hiroyuki

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.
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