The Empire Times - Crisis over Sheridan Prime

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The Empire Times - Crisis over Sheridan Prime

Post by The Galactic Empire on 25th February 2015, 3:09 am


Only days ago little was known about the planet of Sheridan Prime, deep in what we call the 'Taiothle Cluster. But now we have been told that Sheridan Prime has been the victim of an unjust quarantine by their Taiothle allies, only because they lacked the resources to deal with the 'Exanimus' which continues to assault Sheridan Prime's human inhabitants. The Sheridanians have been dwindled to almost nothing throughout the course of the quarantine and little is known about the Exanimus or their true origins. His Imperial Majesty has stated that the Galactic Empire will do everything within its power to rescue the humans of Sheridan Prime. There's not much we can report on since operations are still in progress, but hopefully good news will follow.

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