The Fedonian New Network: Strange Starships!!!

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The Fedonian New Network: Strange Starships!!!

Post by The Fedonians on 25th February 2015, 5:10 pm

Starships detected 10 light years from edge of Galaxy

"This just in fedonian scientists have detected what appears to be a fleet of star ships headed for our galaxy. The ships don't match any records that of know designs. It has been alerted to all other civilizations in the galaxy. We don't know if this race is peaceful or wants to conquer us all. Now here is Cleo Denfly to tell us what's been going on." "We are getting prepared just in case of war is to come to our doorstep. I've personally have over seen both the military and FSF preparing. We are hoping this is just being over prepared for the worst. But still it doesn't hurt to prepared for the worst. I'm going to show a picture of the clearest of what we have discovered."

"The other ships appear to similar in design. We have deceted atleast150 ships for all we know there might be more only time will tell. We also know they are headed for are galaxy."

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