The Independent Droid Galactic News: Terrorist Attack!

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The Independent Droid Galactic News: Terrorist Attack!

Post by Old Timer on 25th February 2015, 10:05 pm

Terrorist Attack Capital Building!

In recent news a group of oddly dressed humanoids, calling themselves The Anti S.D, bombed and attacked are wonderful Capital causing millions of Credits in damage. Twenty three Droids were injured and are in need of repairs, while forty Droids were destroyed in the vicious attack. Even though the terrorist had taken over a large portion of the Capital building, the CID's new prototype guard droids were able to swiftly and efficiently terminate most of the attackers. However some of the Anti S.D were able to escape and kidnap one of our, highly ranked, non droid Representatives. The Government has promised to track and get back the Representative and terminate all of the S.D in the process. The Confederacy asks if any Nation knows anything about the S.D. The Confederacy also asks if any Nation would help with the search of S.D members and base locations.
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