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Post by The Galactic Empire on 13th March 2015, 3:07 am

Good news, the entire Galaxy has time traveled by waiting five years to go five years into the future... yeah the type of time travel we all do every day. No fancy science involved, just the good ol' passing of time. Anyway, we have all leaped five years into the future... for the sake of keeping things moving forward.

New Advancements Galactic-Wide in last 5 years:

  1. All Warships of those who are allies with the Galactic Empire (this does not include the neutral Idahria, Nictopla, and Taiothle) have Borg repair technology, making them ten times stronger than before.

  2. Interplanetary Trade is at an all-time high, very few planets have food shortages and supplies are in excess.

  3. Every starship has Hyper Drive, Warp Drive AND Trans-Warp Drive. New advancements in power core management tech has allowed for the use of multiple FTL (Faster Than Light) drive types in the event that one or more are disabled. This has eliminated the practicality of fielding Interdictor class vessels designed to either pull ships out of Hyperspace/Warp/Trans-Warp, or prevent the use of FTL Drives. As a result, piracy is at an all-time low.

  4. Japanese Scientists discovered the remains of an unidentified automaton, they reverse engineered it and now have the Galaxy's monopoly on advanced cybernetic production. Contracts for production with the Galactic Empire have bolstered the Terran economy and strengthened their business relationship with one another, the Japanese our renowned Galaxy wide as the finest producers of artificial life.

  5. Fedonia has constructed the largest orbital star ship manufacturing yard in the Galaxy, the Galactic Empire has contracts with Fedonia to produce warships for the Imperial Navy's "Eastern" fleet. Star Destroyers are frequently seen being tested by Fedonian contractors on live fire ranges in asteroid belts near their home world. As a result, Fedonia has been given exclusive permission to produce >>Victory Class<< Star Destroyers, Acclamator Class Assault Craft, TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers. The only condition was that the Fedonian military emblems be easy to distinguish from Imperial emblems.

  6. Taiothle has discovered a new type of shield technology capable of withstanding five times the abuse as any other shields used elsewhere, they have not yet released the schematics to other governments.

  7. The CSOC conquered the stagnant Nictopla and established a Communist empire spanning 10 Sectors and 2 Quadrants, they have ruled their subjects with an even hand and their government approval rating is through the roof. As a result, the CSOC is often called upon to settle disputes between disgruntled governments.

  8. Idahria, in partnership with the Galactic Empire, has invented the technology needed to fabricate stars. They now have the ability to relight their star, Noelani. As a result, Idahria has discovered the first truly inexhaustible power source: Artificial Stars.

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