Japanese Confederation Constituion

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Japanese Confederation Constituion

Post by Japanese Confederation on 20th April 2015, 7:55 pm

Realized I haven't made one yet, but it's someting I've wanted to do for awhile now. So, here it is.

We, the citizens of Japan, escaping oppression, and striving for prosperity, ordain a new article of government, forming a new and prosperous country. Freedom and life will be upheld, and all citizens will be guaranteed the rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

-Everyone is born and exists as equals.
-Nobody is subject to slavery. Slavery and the slave trade is illegal and will be stopped with force.
-Everyone has the right to a fair and free trial.
-Everyone has the right to a lawyer.
-No man nor woman are subject to torture.
-All men and women will be given the right to remain silent.
-All men and women of 16 or older may vote and participate in the government, whether it be directly or through elected officials.
-The government will be a confederacy. The government will have full control over provinces, but only under certain circumstances may it use this power. The government may still pass national laws.
-Provinces have the right to govern themselves, but must abide by national law.
-A royal family will be installed as a president. The sons and daughters of the current president have the choice to either become president when the current one dies, or to opt out of the presidency.
-Under the condition that the heir does opt out, elections will be held for the next presidential family.
-The president may be impeached or removed.
-All men and women of 16 years serve 2 years in the military. They are given the choice to pick a military field.
-All men and women of 18 years or older are allowed to marry and have a family.
-The freedom of speech will be held dear.
-Nobody will be denied their right to their choice of religion, and religious persecution will not be tolerated.
-All forms of media have freedom of press, but this may be limited at certain circumstances if this freedom clearly puts lives in danger.
-All persons are allowed to bear arms, limited at pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Military-grade weapons are prohibited.
-All persons will be allowed to vote. Removal of this privilege is only done to criminals.
-All persons are allowed the freedom to roam, as long as harm is not done. Private property owners are allowed to deny this right to visitors.
-Health services will be paid for by the government, if the person has sustained a serious injury, disease, or condition and must be treated.
-Preschool and Kindergarten will be paid for by the government.
-High school education will be paid for for the first 4 years by the government. If the student must retake a grade, the government will not pay for it.
-All these rights will be upheld, no matter the circumstances.
-All the governmental duties will be upheld. Corruption and political oppression will not be tolerated.

No man nor woman will be denied rights, and are guaranteed freedom from oppression and corruption. We, the founders of The Japanese Confederation, will not stand for oppression, intolerance, and segregation. Freedom will be upheld. From the tiny island to the largest mainlands, from the darkest nights to the bright azure skies, from emerald plain to emerald plain, liberty, justice and freedom will exist and will be defended. On January 22nd, 2250, Japan was freed.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.
Japanese Confederation

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