The Meeting of Two Jedi

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The Meeting of Two Jedi

Post by The Fedonians on 24th April 2015, 1:30 pm

Willow was checking the data streams flowing near Idahria. She learned that they had tried to execute a important member of the new Jedi Order. She decided this would the best time to contact Queseon. She knew he was going to need help in the future for some reason. Also she knew he had the bigger destiny. Before she returned back to where she had called home for the past three years. She would send him a message.

"This is Jedi Knight Willow. Queseon, I would like to meet you on the planet Dranson. Feel free to take Jedi Squadron with you. Come on your time. I prefer the sooner the better. You may wonder how I know you. It part combination of the force spirit who trained me and the data stream around your home world. I know your are very skilled in the force. See you when you come." The message ends.

Willow enters warp headed for planet Dranson in the Soloron System.

OOC: This is meant to be active after the Lonely Planet rp is done.

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