Upcoming Additions to the Family

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Upcoming Additions to the Family

Post by The Galactic Empire on 12th February 2015, 12:44 pm

Hey all, I've just opened relations with another region with active RP known as the "Illuminati" and we'll be interacting with each other's forum's from time to time. If you would like to create a profile on their forum and maintain one there as well go for it, I'm doing the same thing. This will expand our RP as well as recruit new people to our region!! Here is a link to their forum: The Illuminati

Also, please include the "Galactic Empire" as your "Order" when creating your account so we all know who is from what region. They are also constructing a Global News Network (GNN) that will provide news feed from many regions, people will see our activity and ads and most likely want to come chill with us. Here's to hoping!

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