Idahria is on High Alert after Prince goes missing

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Idahria is on High Alert after Prince goes missing

Post by Idahria on 27th February 2015, 1:59 pm

Large Astelle and Acotali search parties have been dispatched to many ends of the galaxy, in hopes of finding their young Prince who went missing shortly after leaving Idahria, following a mission to the Planet Iodrillon. He gave no information on his whereabouts or destination, so there are currently no clues as to where he might have gone.

Emperor Gaeran Peredain warns that if it turns out that pirates or slavers may have taken his son, no mercy will be shown. The Imperial Capital of Noelani has been locked down for the moment, and no assemblies will be held until Prince Queseon Peredain is returned home.

The Idahrian Emperor has been in his quarters for several hours now, refusing to come out or eat. The search continues, with the range growing wider after every planet. Battlecruisers have been mobilized for further searches in other quadrants.


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