Unification on Earth!

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Unification on Earth!

Post by Japanese Confederation on 9th March 2015, 6:24 pm

The end of the Terran Republic has come. Earth is officially under one banner. In the last session of the Terran Republic, a vote was held to see who would be the new World Leader. The Japanese Conederation won by an overwhelming majority, with only the votes of the Asian-Indian Cooperative against them. It is said that The Japanese Conederation was picked because of their influence in the galaxy, and also because they are the largest Terran Country, as they span several planets.
A new flag has been adopted, which fits the unification of Earth better.
President Shiba Hiroyuki has vowed to honor and respect the traditions of the other cultures on Earth. However, it is inevitable that the world will adopt the Japanese Culture and language as their own. Eventually, Japanese and Galactic Basic (English) will be the main languages of Earth.
Some people argue that this was a bad idea, but the majority agree that this is for the better of Earth and it's future.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.
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