The Imperial Navy - From a Non-Military Viewpoint

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The Imperial Navy - From a Non-Military Viewpoint

Post by The Galactic Empire on 9th January 2015, 9:02 pm

The Imperial Navy - From a Non-Military Viewpoint
By Larena Albrem

The Imperial Navy, possibly the largest military entity ever assembled in the Milky-way Galaxy. They're out there, they're all-seeing and all-knowing.. but do we really know them? Who are they? Do they answer to us, or do they answer to this 'Supreme Commander'? This 'Supreme Commander' who claims to be the sole creator of this vast empire, a man that is old, senile, and believes that he is the supreme ruler of us all? This man is Emperor Ram Askaari IV and he has a long history with the Imperial Navy. Now, the younger generation may not remember but those of you that are in your 60's remember. The Origin Galaxy, our homeland, was taken from us by the Borg. In a battle with the Borg in the outer rim of the Origin Galaxy, Commander Ram Askaari had taken command of the Super Star Destroyer Emancipator. He had achieved this level of command because all higher ranking officers on the Emancipator were dead, assimilated by the Borg. All we see in our history books is that we won that battle, and then pursued the Borg through a Trans-Warp Conduit. We were ejected here in the Milky-way Galaxy, where we founded an new empire with new values. But HOW did we win that battle? We all know that our technology was vastly inferior to the Borg's, we didn't stand a chance in hell of defeating them.

The Force, it is the strongest power in the universe and only a rare few can control it. The Force is more realism than religion nowadays since science has begun to crack the 'Force Code.' But the Force is what the humans of Earth refer to as 'Dark Matter' and it binds everything in the universe together. There were early Terran psychologists that theorized that every life form, living and dead, were bound together by something called the 'Collective Consciousness.' They believed that through proper discipline that one could attain the ability to access this 'Collective Consciousness.' Several Terran religions also believed in achieving 'Enlightenment' through heavy meditation and the attainment of being fully self-aware, essentially unlocking the full usage of the brain.. maximizing human potential and abilities.

My confidential sources tell me that our Emperor, is a Force user. The only one we know of in existence, and he was the battle commander that saved the day when we fought the Borg in 20 ABY. No official records exist of that battle, no data that was collected, no eye witness reports.. nothing. They tell us all we need to know is that we won, what are they really hiding? I think that the Emperor used the Force to control the Taskforce and attain victory, by blocking out their will and replacing it with his own and turning them all into his puppets. This was the tactic that the notorious Emperor Palpatine used during the Galactic Civil War, which nearly caused the destruction of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After Palpatine was killed, his control over the Imperial Navy was lifted and coordination between our vast military forces faltered and defeat was assured. We retreated and became a mere shadow of our former selves. We believe that Emperor Askaari continues this same tactic to control the Imperial Navy, and possibly all of us. We all are required to swear an oath of undying loyalty to the Emperor, perhaps that is what gives him his power? I only say these things because I believe them to be true, and because even in this vast empire everyone still has exemplary civil rights.

More to follow
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